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ABA President Refo Welcomes Removal of US Sanctions on ICC Personnel

Arguendo Roundtable

What are your thoughts on the ICC Office of Prosecutor's Policy on Case Selection and Prioritisation?


Helen Brady

and Dr. Fabricio Guariglia

An Insider's View: Consistency and Transparency While Preserving Prosecutorial Discretion

Honorable Ekaterina Trendafilova

A Good Working Document of the Office of the Prosecutor

Ottilia Anna Maunganidze

and Max du Plessis

Timely, But Is It Enough?

Professor William A. Schabas

Feeding Time at the Office of the Prosecutor

Professor Alex G. Whiting

Finding Strength within Constraints

Ipsos Polling (overview)

April 2018 Ipsos Poll Results

Most recent poll finds continued growth in Americans’ awareness and support for the ICC, and a surprising number that support an ICC investigation in Afghanistan of all parties, including American personnel.

July 2017 Ipsos Poll Results

Recent poll shows continued growth in Americans’ awareness of the International Criminal Court (ICC), support for US membership, and support for ICC casework. Most Americans also think terrorism should be fought with both the military and the courtroom.

July 2016 Ipsos Poll Results

Polling shows improved awareness of the International Criminal Court (ICC), driven by awareness among youth, and public support for the US government encouraging ICC involvement in investigating and prosecuting atrocity crimes in Syria and Iraq.


United States Must Not Become a Pariah in International Justice

Christopher 'Kip' Hale

Why the U.S. Can No Longer Ignore the ICC

Christopher 'Kip' Hale
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ABA Adopts Policy Condemning Threats Against the ICC and Its Officers

ICC Project Board Members Comment on US Sanctions on the International Criminal Court

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ABA-ICC Twitter Stream

Collected Tweets