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Ipsos Polling

The American Bar Association’s International Criminal Court (ICC) Project has partnered with Ipsos Market Research to provide regular polling data on American opinions on international criminal justice, in particular the International Criminal Court (ICC). Through its polling reports, Ipsos will track a range of issues on whether and to what extent Americans feel the US Government should support the ICC, including joining the Court. Additionally, each report will feature American opinions on a current event in international criminal justice.


It is important for the United States to participate in international organizations that support human rights and that hold individuals accountable for mass atrocities


Please find individual downloadable report and accompanying analysis to the right.

Ipsos Contacts

Clifford Young President, Ipsos Public Affairs

[email protected]

Julia Clark Vice President, Ipsos Public Affairs

[email protected]

Quarterly Reports

February 2014 Ipsos Poll Results

Among Americans with knowledge of the International Criminal Court (ICC), desire for more support, but unsure if the U.S. should join the Court.

December 2014 Ipsos Poll Results

Americans continue to support involvement with the International Criminal Court (ICC), with some opposition to the U.S. becoming a full member of the Court.

April 2015 Ipsos Poll Results

Increases in Americans’ support for the International Criminal Court (ICC), as well as some support for Palestinian membership in the Court.

November 2015 Ipsos Poll Results

Research finds a slow but steady trend over the past two years in favor of greater U.S. involvement in the International Criminal Court (ICC), with public support for international arrest warrants for Heads of State.

April 2016 Ipsos Poll Results

More Americans believe the United States should dedicate resources to the International Criminal Court (ICC), and broad American support for defining sexual violence as a war crime.

July 2016 Ipsos Poll Results

Polling shows improved awareness of the International Criminal Court (ICC), driven by awareness among youth, and public support for the US government encouraging ICC involvement in investigating and prosecuting atrocity crimes in Syria and Iraq.

July 2017 Ipsos Poll Results

Recent poll shows continued growth in Americans’ awareness of the International Criminal Court (ICC), support for US membership, and support for ICC casework. Most Americans also think terrorism should be fought with both the military and the courtroom.

April 2018 Ipsos Poll Results

Most recent poll finds continued growth in Americans’ awareness and support for the ICC, and a surprising number that support an ICC investigation in Afghanistan of all parties, including American personnel.