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Side Event at ICC’s 17th Assembly of States Parties Examines ICC’s Upcoming Challenges and Possibilities for Advancing Accountability

The Hague, The Netherlands, Dec. 6, 2018: In cooperation with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the ABA’s ICC Project and Criminal Justice Section organized a side event during the 17th Session of the Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court. Convening a group of distinguished experts with experience in US policymaking, human rights investigation and international criminal accountability advocacy, the discussion centered on challenges and opportunities for increased accountability presented by the International Criminal Court’s recent preliminary examinations and investigations. Experts highlighted past U.S. cooperation with the Court and emphasized the legal profession and civil society’s role in advancing accountability for atrocity crimes. They also compared accountability initiatives attempted by the international community and civil society beyond the ICC for alleged conduct in Afghanistan, Myanmar, and other countries through universal jurisdiction and UN-mandated investigations, as well as the challenges present in seeking accountability for these alleged crimes before the ICC.

To view the event recap, click here.

The American Bar Association’s (ABA) International Criminal Court (ICC) Project is an independent initiative of the ABA Center for Human Rights that advances international criminal justice and US-ICC relations through advocacy, education and practical legal assistance. More information about the ABA’s ICC Project can be found at its website.