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ABA's ICC Project/Ipsos Poll Finds Support for Increased Assistance to the ICC

Latest polling shows that Americans with knowledge of the ICC desire more support, but are unsure if the U.S. should join the Court.

Washington, D.C., February 17, 2014 – The American Bar Associations’ (ABA) ICC Project released today the results of its polling on Americans’ opinions on the ICC and recent related events, done in partnership with Ipsos Public Affairs. The results show strong support for the objectives of the ICC, with over half of Americans agreeing that “it is important for the United States to participate in international organizations that support human rights and that hold individuals accountable for mass atrocities” Self-reported knowledge of the ICC is low, however, with the same number (60%) saying that know “nothing at all” about the ICC. Despite this, almost half of Americans support dedicating United States resources to international organizations such as ICC.

This survey also examined American perceptions of immunity for sitting Heads of State. The Prosecutor of the ICC charged President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto of Kenya for participation in mass atrocities after Kenya’s violent elections of 2008 before their election to office. Both argue for temporary immunity from prosecution and the ability to participate in trials remotely. Polling shows, however, that Americans believe strongly (63%) that sitting Heads of State should not have immunity while in office and over half believe they should be required to attend their trials in person.

For more information on the most recent ABA’s ICC Project/Ipsos poll, please visit the polling report.

The American Bar Association’s (ABA) International Criminal Court (ICC) Project is an independent initiative of the ABA Center for Human Rights that advances international criminal justice and US-ICC relations through advocacy, education and practical legal assistance. More information about the ABA’s ICC Project can be found at its website.