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A regular online roundtable where experts from different perspectives discuss a pressing issue in international criminal justice.

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African Union and international criminal justice: where does it go from here?

Against a backdrop of recent tensions between the African Union (AU) and the International Criminal Court (ICC), the AU adopted official documents to create a regional criminal court that explicitly gives immunity to sitting leaders, heads of state, and senior government officials of all AU member states. In addition, some AU Member States have expressed support for withdrawal by African States from the Rome Statute (the ICC’s founding treaty). What are the implications of this turn of events for past, present and future accountability in Africa? Further, how should individual African countries, prominent African figures and policymakers, as well as the international community respond to these events?

Professor Beth Van Schaack

African Heads of State Before the International Criminal Court

Professor David Bosco

Time for the African Union to Choose a Path

Ottilia Anna Maunganidze

The Conflation of Politics and Law: Africa and International Criminal Justice

Professor M. Kamari Clarke

Accountability and the Expansion of the Criminal Jurisdiction of the African Court