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Atrocity Accountability in Syria: What Criminal Investigations Have Uncovered

ABA held an expert closed-door meeting on the results of international atrocity crimes investigations in Syria.

Washington, D.C., Apr. 14, 2015 - The American Bar Association (ABA) Center for Human Rights and its International Criminal Court Project hosted a closed door meeting of experts on Syria entitled “Atrocity Accountability in Syria: What Criminal Investigations Have Uncovered.” The event discussed the legal implications of a non-governmental organization undertaking high-level criminal investigation of international atrocity crimes in Syria and whether Syria policymakers should utilize this information in addressing this 4 year old conflict. The experts in attendance came from the US government, international diplomatic corps, policy think tanks, human rights and rule of law organizations, and other members of civil society.

The American Bar Association’s (ABA) International Criminal Court (ICC) Project is an independent initiative of the ABA Center for Human Rights that advances international criminal justice and US-ICC relations through advocacy, education and practical legal assistance. Please visit the ABA’s ICC Project website for more information.